We help companies achieve a decentralized, virtual workflow by managing their contribution feeds and augmenting hybrid productions with kit and crew


David Schwartz


Flypack Feed Central was born out of Flypack NY, a full-service video production company based in New York, and deploying around the world. Our experience of producing hundreds of remote events since our founding in 2014 has kept us on the innovative edge in an industry that is moving fast towards virtual production.

With our growing expertise in REMI production, we built our first at-home studio in 2020 and acquired an arsenal of TVU, Haivision, and LiveU equipment to support our own media production projects and supply the itinerant needs of tele-journalism, sport broadcasts, and other live events.

Now, we offer all of our remote production expertise and the newest technology as Feed Central: a completely cloud-based video production facility.

Headshot David Schwartz

David Schwartz


Headshot Jason Gillet and Matt Canigiani

Jason Gillet & Matt Canigiani

Executive Technicians

Andy Lu and Eric LaDonna

Andy Lu & Eric LaDonna

Transmission Technicians

Headshot Neal Metersky

Neal Metersky

Contribution Feed Solutions Engineer