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Rent 5G Cellular Bonding, Internet Routing, and Video Transmission Devices

Flypack NY has one of the largest inventories of wireless internet, cellular bonding & aggregation devices in North America, including field-tested devices from all the top brands such as TVU, Haivision, and LiveU.

We understand the fast-pace needs of mission critical projects, and will work flexibly with you to deliver wireless internet rental devices on time with the necessary handles.

TVU One Wireless Internet Routers with 5G Video Transmission

Originally designed as mobile video transmitter for live broadcasts in the most remote locations, the portable TVU One V3 functions as a powerful wireless internet router that can serve a myriad of connectivity needs. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and hello to uninterrupted online experiences.

With its cutting-edge technology, this compact device routs data through secure AWS servers, reconstitutes the signal to enter the public internet, receives a unique DHCP address from AWS, and provides lightning-fast internet access to all your devices - all within 80-120 ms. The parallel functioning of internal and external batteries makes shore power redundant. Supported by TVU's 24/7 live assistance and Feed Centrals' dedicated support engineering team, TVU One confers the confidence of staying connected anywhere, anytime.

For 5G live point-to-point video transmission, TVU One remains the industry standard, sending 1080p/60 quality at 0.5 latency. UHD options are available. From remote news productions to multi-camera sporting events, TVU One ensures a reliable and resilient internet connection, and easily integrates with your workflow.

2-day rental minimum

Frontal image of a TVU One Decoder and Wireless Internet Router with 5G Capabilities

TVU One V3

Why Cellular Bonding?

Cellular bonding refers to the process of combining multiple cellular connections. The combination ensures higher upload and download speeds. In areas where cellular networks are congested due to high traffic or in fringe areas where signal is low, cellular bonding provides critical connection resiliency.


Aggregate data sources

Aggregate connections from multiple hard internet, wi-fi, and diversified cellular sources of various vendors to ensure maximum connection security.


Higher Bandwidth

Increase bandwidth for upload and download speeds.


Connection Resilience

Eliminate connectivity risk in congested areas and limited coverage zones.


21st Century Mobility

Small teams can stream easily from remote locations and moving vehicles.


Agile Production

On-Site, At-Home, and REMI configurations possible.


Affordable Solution

Eliminate the risk of failed operations at critical moments and decentralize your workflow to reduce costs.

Haivision Pro Series 5G Encoders with DataBridge Technology

The Haivision PRO Series are a line of mobile video encoders specifically designed for live broadcast events and itinerant journalism professionals looking to send broadcast-level quality video from any location in the world. The Haivision Pro460 can send pristine 4K/UHD quality at 12G or four simultaneous 1080p feeds at 3G.

In addition to providing ultra-low-latency video transmission and connection resilience in any location, Haivision's encoders like the PRO 460 5G are equipped with DataBridge technology, allowing for the remote control of video transmitters and PTZ cameras. Bring less equipment to the field, and reduce travel and personnel costs with Haivision DataBridge.

How does it work?

DataBridge sets up a virtual VPN, and provides high-speed mobile internet connectivity from anywhere. Through its reliable IP channel, a remote studio can fully select and control cameras and any other kind of IP-based equipment like camera control units.

2-day rental minimum
Frontal image of Haivision Pro460, bonded cellular decoder

Haivision PRO 460

Advantages of Network Aggregation

Avoid Connection Disruption

When you are filming in fringe or crowded locations, the quality of your footage can be negatively impacted by an unexpected unstable connection. Reduce your dependency on a single internet connection or cellular provider with easy-to-deploy cellular bonded devices.

Common causes of disruptions


Fringe locations


Crowded places with limited bandwidth


Service outtages


Denial of service attacks


Impenetrable building materials

How Does Cellular Bonding Alleviate these Issues?

Cellular bonding technology ensures continuous connectivity by aggregating (or ... "bonding") all data connections in the area, including cellular 5G/4G from different providers as well as your hardwire local networks. This way, you can broadcast high quality, low latency video anywhere.

Cellular bonding encoders such as the TVU One or Haivision PRO 460 are compact, highly mobile devices that allow anyone to send synchronized 4K live video feeds back to a local studio, remote production room, or directly to our virtual Feed Central broadcast facility.


Choose the Device that Suits your Needs

As official rental partners of Haivision and TVU, we have a large inventory of the industry standards, as well as a wide array of other cellular bonded devices that may serve your specific needs.

Whether your needs are vendor-specific, brand-agnostic, or require interoperability, we have got you covered!