SRT Encoders and Decoders

Secure, reliable, and fast video encoding via IP

SRT Video Transmission Technology

FlyPack NY hosts an impressive fleet of encoders and decoders capable of transmitting SRT, including the Haivision PRO 460,
Makito X, Makito X4, and StreamHub.

Makito X4 HEVC Encoder: 
The Pinnacle of Fast Transmission

Haivision's Makito X4 Series - as well as their compact cousin Makito X - are designed to transmit 4K/UHD quality video at the lowest end-to-end latency. HEVC compression reduces bandwidth needs, while SRT technology minimizes the impact of packet loss, jitter, and fluctuating bandwidth from unpredictable networks.

The quad-channel configuration of the Makito X4 is ideal for live broadcast deployments that require live cooperation such as field contributions, return feeds, or remote production of multi-camera feeds.

Makito X4 Video Decoder

The Makito X4 Video Decoder is the perfect companion to the X4 Encoder, ensuring low-latency video encoding for 4K/UHD video.

2-day rental minimum

Haivision Makito X4 Encoder

What is SRT

Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) is an open-source video streaming protocol that forms the technological backbone of Haivision's video transmission devices, and many other industry standards. Aimed at achieving low-latency, high quality, streaming, SRT is the ideal technology for point-to-point video transmission, from video contribution feeds, to bi-directional interviews and broadcast return feeds.


Highest Quality

SRT's protections against bandwidth fluctuations, jitter and packet loss result in reliable high-quality video streams, even over unpredictable networks like the public internet.


Lowest Latency

With in-built error corrections and network error recovery practices SRT technology is capable of H.264 & HVEC media transport at the lowest end-to-end latencies.


Secure Streams

Secured with AES 128/256-bit encryption SRT ensures the protected end-to-end contribution of valuable content

Haivision StreamHub:
A Transcoding Powerhouse

Varied Input

Haivision StreamHub is a versatile receiver that can decode SRT streams from Makito encoders, while also capable of simultaneously receiving SST streams from other IP video transmitters. With this all-in-one decoder, you can receive up to 16 concurrent streams. Versatile receiver and decoder for broadcast contribution feeds . Can receive up to 16 concurrent streams. Simultaneously decodes up to 8 hd or 1 4k stream.

Diverse Output

Supporting both H.264 and HEVC compressions, and resolutions up to 4K/UHD, the StreamHub can transcode and decode to SDI, NDI, SRT and other IP formats so that video content can be distributed to multiple destinations by up to 32 outputs.

2-day rental minimum

Haivision StreamHub

Benefits of using SRT

Wondering which Technology is best for pushing your video?


The answer is Likely to be SRT!

SRT Technology has significant benefits in the area of live and on-demand streaming, and is widely deployed by broadcasters around the world.

Content Agnostic Point-to-Point Feeds

SRT is content agnostic, and can transport any type of video format, codec, resolution, or frame rate. While video and audio are transmitted between two end points, SRT detects and adapts to the live network conditions between source and destination devices resulting in reliable, high quality end-to-end streams.


Deploy SRT for your entire broadcast workflow with the confidence that products from multiple vendors and operating on different formats will work together effortlessly.


Support for additional protocols includes RTMP, RTMPS, RTSP, HLS, NDI


SRT transmission can be routed through TVU One Video Encoders


SRT devices can be integrated with Starlink technology


Incoming SRT can easily be converted to other outgoing protocols using network bridges like the compact Haivision SRT Gateway

Switch Seamlessly Between Protocols with the SRT Gateway

The Haivision SRT Gateway is designed to serve as a gateway between live video sources and multiple destinations, broadcast distributions, and outgoing streams with their own protocol requirements.

As a network bridge and protocol convertor, the SRT Gateway allows you to switch seamlessly between incoming and outgoing transmission protocols.

Haivision SRT Gateway