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An Innovative Technology Acquisition Model

Rent Today, Own Tomorrow!

With our Rent-to-Buy program, Feed Central offers clients the opportunity to acquire cutting-edge technology with a flexible acquisition model and real use case testing opportunities.


Test in the Real World

Reduce the initial capital investment required to integrate the newest broadcast technology into your workflow by renting top-tier devices for your project from Feed Central.


Use our Technical Support

Our extended experience with live broadcast productions and in-house technical support will set you up for success. Any questions about  your rental, we're here to help!


Buy at Discount

Secure a brand new device at a discounted rate if you opt for purchase at the end of your rental period. Upgrade your broadcast workflow at low cost and no hassle!

How does it work?

Take the time to evaluate the latest broadcast technology before you decide on a purchase with our Rent-to-Buy Program, applicable to a select inventory of our trusted rental partners. Reduce the initial capital investment required by renting devices for your project, allowing you to test the device in a real use case. If the device fits your workflow, you can decide to purchase a brand new device through our Rent-to-Buy program at a discounted price.


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Makito X4 HEVC Encoder: 
The Pinnacle of Fast Transmission

Haivision's Makito X4 Series - as well as their compact cousin Makito X - are designed to transmit 4K/UHD quality video at the lowest end-to-end latency. HEVC compression reduces bandwidth needs, while SRT technology minimizes the impact of packet loss, jitter, and fluctuating bandwidth from unpredictable networks.

The quad-channel configuration of the Makito X4 is ideal for live broadcast deployments that require live cooperation such as field contributions, return feeds, or remote production of multi-camera feeds.

Makito X4 Video Decoder

The Makito X4 Video Decoder is the perfect companion to the X4 Encoder, ensuring low-latency video encoding for 4K/UHD video.

2-day rental minimum

Haivision Makito X4 Encoder






Haivision PRO 460 5G Encoder with DataBridge Technology

The Haivision PRO Series are a line of mobile video encoders specifically designed for live broadcast events and itinerant journalism professionals looking to send broadcast-level quality video from any location in the world. The Haivision Pro460 can send pristine 4K/UHD quality at 12G or four simultaneous 1080p feeds at 3G.

In addition to providing ultra-low-latency video transmission and connection resilience in any location, Haivision's encoders like the PRO 460 5G are equipped with DataBridge technology, allowing for the remote control of video transmitters and PTZ cameras. Bring less equipment to the field, and reduce travel and personnel costs with Haivision DataBridge.

How does it work?

DataBridge sets up a virtual VPN, and provides high-speed mobile internet connectivity from anywhere. Through its reliable IP channel, a remote studio can fully select and control cameras and any other kind of IP-based equipment like camera control units.

2-day rental minimum
Frontal image of Haivision Pro460, bonded cellular decoder

Haivision PRO 460