Feed Central Introduces Rent-to-Buy Program for Selected Inventory of Rental Partners

Abstract: Feed Central introduces an innovative "Rent-to-Buy" program, offering select products for rent with an option to purchase at a discounted rate at the end of the rental period. Partnering with industry leaders, like Haivision, Feed Central ensures client access to cutting-edge broadcast equipment while minimizing initial investment.

Baldwin, NY - February 7, 2024. Feed Central, a leading provider of professional live broadcast equipment rentals, announces a new "Rent-to-Buy" program for selected items in our rental inventory. As proud rental partners of Haivision, we are spearheading this initiative by offering the highly acclaimed Haivision Makito X4 encoders and decoders and Haivision Pro460 and Air320e-5G mobile video transmitters in this program.

The "Rent-to-Buy" program is designed to provide customers with greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness in evaluating and acquiring state-of-the-art broadcast technology. It allows clients to rent Haivision Pro460, Air320e-5G, and Makito X4 devices for their projects, reducing the initial capital investment required. However, what sets this program apart is the option, after having tested it in a real-world use case, to purchase a brand new device at a discounted price from Feed Central, should it prove indispensable to their long-term workflow.

"We are excited to introduce our "Rent-to-Buy" program, which represents a significant step forward in meeting the evolving needs of our customers. By partnering with world-class brands like Haivision, we are able to offer our clients access to cutting-edge technology with a flexible acquisition model and real world testing opportunities." - David Schwartz, President at Feed Central

Feed Central's status as value-added resellers, coupled with its comprehensive understanding of the live broadcast workflow, direct relationships with major suppliers, and our in-house technical support, positions the company as a trusted partner in the success of our clients. The "Rent-to-Buy" program reflects Feed Central's dedication to delivering unparalleled value and support to its clientele, providing broadcasters with cost-effective REMI solutions without compromising on quality.

Visit our rent to buy page for updated information on participating rental partners.