Feed Central and Acromove Introduce Ultra-Portable Private 5G Network Solutions in North America

Abstract: Flypack New York Inc., FeedCentral.tv and Acromove Inc. advance an ultra-portable Private 5G solution to the American broadcasting market with the introduction of the ServicePack Edge 5G.

Baldwin, NY and Chatsworth, CA - April 2, 2024. Flypack New York, Inc., a leading provider of professional live broadcast solutions, and Acromove, Inc., a leader in portable 5G solutions, have joined forces to provide a groundbreaking advancement in live broadcasting technology tailored to the North American market.

Acromove’s ServicePack Edge 5G is an ultra-portable private 5G network system, engineered to deliver ultra-secure connections in diverse scenarios, particularly in large live event broadcasting environments. Through seamless integration with industry-leading video encoders like the Haivision Pro460 and TVU One, the ServicePack Edge 5G can achieve IMAG-level low latency at an impressive 80 milliseconds glass-to-glass. The ServicePack 5G Edge is quickly deployable within 30 minutes and is accompanied by scalable small radio cells that allow up to 32 simultaneous connections per unit.

Flypack New York will serve as a rental partner for Acromove’s private 5G network in-a-box systems within North America, providing broadcasters and other media professionals with convenient access to this cutting-edge technology with two systems available for redundancy.

“The partnership with Acromove and the introduction of the ServicePack 5G Edge mark a significant milestone in our commitment to redefine the landscape of live broadcasting,” said David Schwartz, President at Flypack New York. “ The Acromove system is the right next step in our live broadcast arsenal, allowing the potential of our FeedCentral REMI solutions to be localized quickly with reduced costs.”

“Acromove is thrilled to collaborate with Flypack New York in introducing the ServicePack Edge 5G to the North American market,” said Frederik Schroeder, SVP Global Sales at Acromove. “The video transmission expertise of Flypack and FeedCentral aligns perfectly with the broadcast potential of our 5G data center in-a-box.”

About Flypack New York and FeedCentral.tv:

Flypack New York is a leading provider of live event broadcasting solutions, specializing in live complex multi-camera events. Its REMI-specific website FeedCentral.tv brings together its remote production solutions and REMI rentals, and coordinates the roll-out of the Private 5G Network solutions. For more information, look at www.feedcentral.tv or email sales@flypackny.com.  

About Acromove:

Acromove Inc., founded in the U.S. in 2017, leads in data migration, Edge Cloud Data Center Infrastructure, and transformative 5G solutions. The company's Edge Datacenter product line elevates 5G SA network performance. Acromove's groundbreaking portable datacenter technology is pivotal in deploying private 5G networks, revolutionizing live TV production with ultra-low latency for real-time, high-definition streaming, and enhancing emergency response capabilities by ensuring reliable, rapid communication for first responders. Based in Los Angeles, with a state-of-the-art R&D and production hub in Athens, Greece. For more information, look at www.acromove.com.

Learn more about our Private 5G Network solutions at at this year's NAB '24, booth #W3930.